Monday, March 7, 2016

Sukhpal Singh Khaira | Kejriwal faces ire of people in Punjab

“The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has been facing criticism in Punjab during his five day tour. In Bhatinda, people raised slogans against the AAP national convener. They were shouting that Kejriwal go back to Delhi.”
1984 riots victims protesting outside the main gate of Whistling woods resort at the Hussanpur near Ludhiana while Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal intrectes with industrialists organised by the Ludhiana Management association on Monday,Feb.29 Photo by Gurmeet Singh
There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression. Kejriwal has left the bad impression in Punjab as the people are now aware of the fact that he builds castles in the air and nothing else.
Kejriwal has started his five days tour in Punjab from Sangrur on Thursday. The new hopes of shining Punjab have dashed into the ground as in Bhatinda, people protested against the “seasonal bird”. The residents of the city were demanding that Kejriwal should go back.
The protest was held against the Kejriwal’s anti national policy as he had supported the JNU incident. Moreover, the residents were saying that he has done nothing for Delhi and on what grounds, he is coming to Punjab.bhagwant mann scam
A person who cannot hear the cries of the people of Delhi can now is moving to Punjab by leaving Delhi people in lurch. Moreover, AAP had planned the incident in JNU where the members of AAP youth wing raised slogans in favour of Pakistan.
The residents of Bhatinda welcomed him with black flags. A protestor told that the main objective of the protest is to aware Kejriwal that the public of Punjab hates him. He is an anti-national and hungry of votes only. Moreover, the anti Kejriwal posters also pasted on the walls in Sangrur.
Kejriwal is disturbing peace in Punjab by playing his cheap politics. He had earlier played the trick of Khalistan as the party leaders had distributed posters of the muffler man with the slain militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.
Moreover, the old friends of Kejriwal, Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan also termed the tour as an “opportunistic tour” to Punjab. The both leaders have called the move of Kejriwal as a selfish motive to woo the voters of Punjab.

The people had also protested against Kejriwal in Jallandar and burnt his effigy for supporting the anti-national incident at JNU, Delhi.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sukhpal Singh Khaira | AAP lists Dengue deaths as an achievement

AAP has been issuing huge advertisements across the country highlighting their achievements. One of the triumphs highlights their action taken to curb dengue in Delhi. While on one hand it claims to have taken tough steps, on other side it acknowledges 11 deaths and more than 1900 reported cases

arvind kejriwal jiji
The actual death figure is more than three times than what is mentioned in Delhi government’s advertisement. Delhi government might have tried to cover up the real picture by drastically reducing the death figures but the question arises – what was government trying to prove by highlighting dengue deaths in government funded advertisement?
AAP’s blame-game
Aam Aadmi Party made flamboyant promises on health, but all their promises fell flat as got badly entangled in wake of dengue crisis. Instead of bravely facing the situation, AAP indulged in blame game with centre and BJP ruled MCD.
arvind kejriwal aap punjab
38 people died in 2015, up from three deaths in the previous year. As Delhi was overlooking the dangers of facing a possible epidemic, the government completely ignored the situation and failed to take necessary steps.
Instead of taking any necessary steps to curb Dengue from spreading further, AAP government was seen indulging in typical “Tu -Tu Main-Main”. It was really unfortunate that Delhi government failed in taking any preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients. Instead of taking any step, Delhi government conveniently put entire blame on BJP ruled MCD.
AAP government released a statement, “the primary responsibility of tackling the issue of dengue in the national capital is that of the MCD.” This has now become an issue of every year. The MCD is under the BJP”, its leaders further added.
Health conditions worsened despite increasing budget
kejriwal arvind
The AAP government released1.5 times more budget for health but the health services in Delhi worsened further. Over 150 ambulances were rusting without any use while the scheme of Mohalla Clinic launched by AAP government was limited to just one clinic.
Delhi government might have spent exorbitant amount in highlighting their tough steps in curbing dengue in National capital but the truth has already surfaced in front of people. Kejriwal government failed completely in taking preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sukhpal Singh KHaira | Kejriwal again played Dalit politics card in Punjab

The clever “muffler man” especially visited the family of a dalit Bheem tank who was killed in Abohar. The Chief Minister of Delhi offered government job in Delhi for a family member of Tank.”
On second day of his Punjab tour, Arvind Kejriwal played his dalit card trick in Abohar. The perfect striker and the party’s supremo had visited the family of Bheem Tank who was killed in Abohar.
Kejriwal had spent some time with the family members and offered his help to them. A government job in Delhi offered by him to a family member of the deceased. He told the family members to vote for the right candidate in the 2017 assembly elections. Moreover, he told them to vote for AAP candidate in Punjab polls.
 Kejriwal gave lollypop to the family members as he assured the family of his full cooperation and if Aam Aadmi Party voted to power, justice would be ensured by taking the fate of the killer to its logical conclusion.
He played another stunt as he also met one of the friends of Tank, Gurjant Singh who was with Tank during the incident. Kejriwal offered him free treatment in Delhi.
BJP state secretary, Sandeep Rinwa who was already present at Bhim’shouse questionedKejriwal’s visit but he did not get any answer by Kejriwal.
The Chief Minister of Delhi played dirty and cheap politics in Punjab. He played the trick to woo the dalit voters. Kejriwal was silent when ten soldiers lost their lives in Siachen glacier and six army men martyred in Pampore encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.
sukhpal sukha.jpg
In Haryana, the protests by Jats ruined the property of people and more than 100 people died in the riots. Where was Kejriwal sitting at that time? He did not announcement anything at that time.
The “muffler man” who has mastered the art of playing political tricks to woo the people has shown his trick in Punjab also. It is proved that Kejriwal has nothing to do with the state; he is only hungry for votes like other political leaders do.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why People Attack Kejriwal Only?

Wherever he goes, people attack him and criticised him badly. Why it happens with Kejriwal only? The only answer is that Kejriwal fabricate the attacks to get political gains.
We have seen so many politicians but Kejriwal is entirely different from them as where ever he goes, people attack him. People attack him and later, the muffler man forgives them.
What is this nonsense Mr Kejriwal? It’s nothing except the cheap publicity stunts to get political gains.
aap punjab kejri
In April 2014, a person had punched Kejriwal and after few days, an auto rickshaw driver slapped him during his poll campaign for the general elections. At that time, the AAP supremo had told that he would not retaliate. He was attacked twice in seven days. How come it was possible to attack him in a strong security cover of police and his supporters?
The Chief Minister of Delhi had contested the election for Lok Sabha seat from Varanasi. During his poll campaign in Varanasi, he had faced ink attack, shoes and eggs hurled at him. It was not possible for the attackers to launch the attack on Kejriwal easily.
1984 riots victims protesting outside the main gate of Whistling woods resort at the Hussanpur near Ludhiana while Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal intrectes with industrialists organised by the Ludhiana Management association on Monday,Feb.29 Photo by Gurmeet Singh
In January, 2016, a girl had thrown ink on Kejriwal’s face in Delhi. The Chief Minister of the national capital who is enjoying the security cover of trained 40 armed commandoes along with 30 police personnel cannot become the victim of the attack easily. As per the information,Kejriwal had told his commandoes to stay away from the stage. The supporters and volunteers ofAAP did not stop her.1984 riots victims protesting outside the main gate of Whistling woods resort at the Hussanpur near Ludhiana while Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal intrectes with industrialists organised by the Ludhiana Management association on Monday,Feb.29 Photo by Gurmeet Singh
During his five days tour in Punjab, Kejriwal complained that people attacked his vehicle but actually, nothing had happened on the spot. In Ludhiana, the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims had protested against him peacefully. They raised slogans against him for shielding the culprit of the Sikh carnage. But, the Chief Minister of Delhi who failed to bring justice to the victims manipulated the incident so that he could cover up his lies.
He is the only politician in this country who faced maximum attacks. We have not seen any politician who was attacked by the people. It’s all rubbish as the muffler man has nothing to do with the welfare of public. He is just hungry for the votes only.
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sukhpal Singh Khaira | Bhagwant Mann, top “nautankibaj” of AAP Punjab

bhagwant mann.jpgThe Punjabi comedian and AAP MP Bhagwant Mann rightly deserves for the top nautankibajaward of Punjab. Mann, who is an overambitious politician, did not leave any stone unturned to gain political fame.
Mann was known for this comedy, skits and his satire. Right from the beginning of his career, he wanted to be an actor but he failed to achieve his goal so he preferred to start comedy.
The nautanki of Mann had taken him to greater heights and when the new party People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) emerged in the state, Mann’s dream of an actor came true as he joined the party. Even he had contested the vidhan sabha elections in 2012 from Lehragaga seat but he lost the election. He left the party later when he did not see anything beneficial from the party.
Finally, the opportunist Mann found a good place in Aam Aadmi Party and his nautanki helped him to winning the Sangrur MP seat with a huge margin. Humorous jokes, catchy poems and useless issues helped him to gain a big position in the political arena.
Nautanki in Parliament
Whenever Mann attends the session of Parliament, the MP’s sitting next to him commented about the satirist that he never takes anything serious during the question answer session. It seems he has been kidding while sitting on a prestigious platform of Indian Parliament. During the lunch breaks and completion of the session, he keeps himself busy in impressing the prominent MPs of Lok Sabha by his art.
Filing divorce papers, a big nautanki of Mann
bhagwant mann ji.jpg
The comedian who won the Lok Sabha seat from Sangrur in 2014 general elections had told the media that his family is very supportive and moreover, he credited his wife for the victory. But after few months, Mann had filed divorce in Mohali courts. At that time he told media that he cannot give time to his family and he want to serve the people. People of Punjab are more important to Mann always. What a foolish act he had performed to gain political mileage? In his acting career, he did not stay with his family because of his national and international tours, so why he played the stunt? It was more than a nautanki as after filing the case, both Mann and his wife did not bother to approach the court furthe

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sukhpal Singh Khaira | Kejriwal, a liar of the century

“How articulately Arvind Kejriwal manipulates the reality can be judged during his hunger strike as Delhi CM in 2014. He had presented the wrong facts in media and the truth was entirely different.”
Kejriwal and company had started its first political inning two year ago and after taking the reins of Delhi government in the maiden polls, Kejriwal held a hunger strike in the national capital.
Arvind ji
The strike was called for the demands from the centre government and the CM was trying to pressurize the centre government through hunger strike. Kejriwal told the media that police acted on the centres’ directions and the main objective of the police was to make the rally a complete failure.
He had told the media that police did not allowed the supporters and workers of the party to have tea. The entire venue of the programme was hijacked by the police. There were no arrangements for the tea by police.
The truth was different as a news channel had found that the party workers were easily moving in the venue and they were enjoying tea at the stalls put up by the police. Moreover, the cops were also distributing the snacks to the party workers in the early morning at that time.
Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet. A news channel report had exposed the lie of Kejriwal. The party workers were seen openly using the public toilets and there was no cop outside the toilets.
Every statement of Kejriwal was fabricated with the wrong intention to spread the message to the public. However, the “topimaster” was caught on camera for levelling the false allegations against the party workers.
Moreover, the programme was organised because of the hunger strike of Kejriwal where the workers were enjoying tea and snacks. So, it was complete non sense of the party head that had observing hunger strike and on the opposite, the party workers were enjoying tea and snacks.
He was exaggerating the facts so that the public could be misguided but at that time a news channel exposed him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sukhpal Singh Khaira | Why media giving undue importance to Aam Aadmi Party?

Due importance to Aam Aadmi Party | Sukhpal Singh Khai

The media has been highlighting the “mufflerman” unnecessary as Kejriwal is getting good space in the news media every day. Moreover, Kejriwal’s personal visit is being covered up properly by the media organisations. Even the other leaders of the party are easily approachable not to public but to media only.
Arvind Kejriwal when visited Punjab in January during Maghi Mela, he had stopped at a local dhaba near Muktsar and at that time media was following him. The security did not stop the media men and they were allowed to take the pictures of Kejriwal who was having the tea at dhaba.
Claiming that ‘some media persons’ were giving undue importance to the Aam Aadmi Party (Sukhpal Singh Khaira), All-India Congress Committee general secretary Shakeel Ahmad had said thatAAPwould not be a factor in the assembly polls in the state and would not harm any political party’s interests.
The leaders of AAP have been part of the media shows frequently. As per the information, when the AAP government had completed one year term in Delhi, all the national newspapers were given three pages of advertisements highlighting the achievements of the AAP.
A close source in the government said that the party has told the spokespersons and main leadership to not refuse media if they invited in the shows. Even the leaders are told that they should make statements on the issues so that the party’s presence should be seen everywhere. Moreover, the Chief Minister has all the tactics to become fame in the news media. He always grabs the attention of the media by playing different tricks.

The party has played another trick to make Kejriwal’s Punjab tour popular as the party has floated the news of his visit to the media. The party volunteers have even briefed about the daily schedule of Kejriwal so that he could get the proper coverage.